Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2

My first full day of the challenge and I'm sick.  Naturally. Strep throat.  Anywho, I finished my stuff.  The only symptom I'm having is a mildly sore throat, so I battled through (with LOTS of water)!

Active challenge at least 15 minutes of walking up stairs or hills
   I broke this up into 3-5 minute intervals.  Hard to breathe through my mouth with a sore throat.  It was tiring and by the last one, my calves felt like they were going to burst.  And the dog thought I had gone nuts.

Exercise challenge: at least 30 minutes of cardio
   Times like this I'm thankful for the Gazelle in the basement.  And the tv.  And the dvd player.  Watching my favorite episode of Eureka, I plowed through the beginner training interval.  It was easy, just tired feet afterwards, as usual.

Flexibility challenge: at least 5 minutes of stretching after cardio and seated stretching routine
   Did both.  I love simple stretches.  My favorite part of a workout.

Nutritional challengeeat vegetables at every meal (except breakfast)
  Easy enough.  Progresso soup for lunch and some broccoli with my curried turkey burger for dinner.  Yum!

Mind/body challenge: one-minute meditation
  Super easy.  And relaxing.  Just lie on the floor and breathe.  Clear mind after everything today.

Considering my throat and all, I say I started out pretty well.  I'll be at home again tomorrow, so hope I can keep it up.  I tend to get lazy at home all the time.

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