Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4

Today was my first day back at work, and I think I did pretty well, especially since one of my sweet little girls made cupcakes and wanted to share.  They were soooo good!  Which meant, just soup for lunch.  Well worth it, though.  On to today's challenges!

Active challenge: set an alarm to go off every hour and stretch and move for at least 1 minute
  That was not necessary, seeing as I work in a day care and have to be moving around all the time anyway.  I was moving all day!

Exercise challenge15 minutes or more doing the beginner strength workout
  This was a joy to do at 5:50, using cans of beans for weights.  It was fairly easy (again, not easy to do, just easily done).  I actually enjoyed the wall push ups.  Push ups that were easy to do, but still felt the burn.

Flexibility challenge perform planned flexibility exercises twice today
  I did the exercises once this morning after the beginner strength workout and once after I did the gazelle this evening.  Easy stretches, just would have been easier if I had a exercise ball.  And didn't have a dog in my face while I was trying to focus on my breathing.

Nutritional challengeresearch one staple food item in your pantry and determine whether it's healthy or if you need to find a substitute
  I didn't really do this because I've already done it for my staples, but I took a closer look at my favorite pop tarts that are still in there.  Nope.  Not healthy.  (Already knew it, damn).

Mind/body challenge3-minute total relaxation
  Like this was work...

I found if I do something morning, I feel more relaxed when I get home.  I eat dinner, I work out, and then I veg.  I give myself that time so I don't feel like I've had to turn my life upside down to get healthy. 
Tomorrow is Friday...Day 5!

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