Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 5

I was having a hard time getting motivated.  Planned to some this morning, but after looking at the challenges, I just said, ugh.  So I just skipped it and figured out different times of the day to do it.  I eventually got motivated.

Active challenge: accumulate at least 10 minutes of extra walking today
  Easy.  I walked the whole time the kids were outside.  Almost 20 minutes.  And I chased the kids.  Always fun!

Exercise challengedo 30-45 minutes of steady-state, medium intensity cardio
  Here's what got me this morning.  That just seemed like a long time (and it was early).  I decided to do my normal gazelle (kick it up a little) and then did 10 minutes of an exercise video.  Think I did the 10 minute segment about toning.  It was a fun and a cute little dance.  In the end, a fun time.  That was until I got too excited and punched the light cover on the ceiling.  Oops, guess I'll fix that later.

Flexibility challengeat least 5 minutes of stretching after cardio and complete the seated stretching routine
  I didn't do this right after cardio.  Ended up waiting about an hour.  But still did it.  I don't miss my flexibility challenge!

Nutritional challengechoose a healthy meal from a restaurant before eating out
  I did do this before I went to work.  I was going back and forth between Sonic and Panera (gift cards).  I found good meals at each and figured I could decide at the time.  I thought I'd have to run some errands at lunch, so I kept both options available.  Since I didn't have to go anywhere else, I went to Panera for their pick 2.  Kept my lunch under 500 calories and was full.  I ended up having Sonic for dinner since I did have to go somewhere after work.  Kept that around 400 calories.  Woot woot!

Mind/body challenge2-minute meditation
  Really don't have to say anything about this.  Always feels good.

Tomorrow is my first weekend.  I'm sure I'll have no problem with it.  Except for the babysitting 4 kids tomorrow night.  Always the temptation there.  Wish me luck, and happy Friday!

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